International Congress «Brands and Designations of Origin: history and identity»
17th - 18th September 2020 | Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Porto

The International Congress Brands and Designations of Origin: history and identity aims to reflect on the conceptual and legal evolution of brands and denominations of origin, in a diachronic perspective and transversal to several sectors of the economy, from wine to canning industry or textiles, among others.
Considering the brand and the designation of origin as means of production of value and of transaction values, it is intended to understand the construction of identities through the socio-economic structuring of the image of regional and commercial brands in a social, economic, business and advertising perspective.

The Congress will address the following topics:

The marks before the trademarks – the concept of 'trademark' before its regulation

Regional trademarks/designations of origin – the trademark as a way of identifying and defending a product from a particular locality or region:                                                                                         conflicts and/or sectoral and interregional movements

Inventions and patents – the birth of the legal framework of intellectual property and official registration modalities

Trademarks – the brand as a form of identification of companies or products and as a factor of commercial and business dynamism

Marketing and publicity – forms of brand communication: discourse, semiotics and influence on social and consumer behaviors

Official languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French

Organization: CITCEM - Transdisciplinary Research Centre «Culture, Space and Memory»

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